2022 Stratford Toa Under 6

Most Improved: Mataia Pasene   Best Attacker: Elakhai Young   Best Defender: Micaiah Willemsen   MVP: Bronson Foley-Waite

Back Row: Rayne Pasene, Jackson Laing, Micaiah Willemsen, Wiremu Waitere, Tate Sorensen.

Front Row: Troy Sorensen (Coach), Elakhai Young, Sam Berg, Corey Benson-Canwell, Jordy Fleming, Rhion Pattison-Cook,
Kamani Hughes, Mataia Pasene, Greg Hughes (Manager). 

Absent: Ace Walker, Bronson Foley-Waite, Mason Cunningham, Mason Laing (Assistant Coach) Ryan Cunningham (Manager).

Sports Team Photos: 14×11″ (355x280mm) Digital Photo Print on 400gsm card.

Standard Print, With Matt Laminate Finish, Framed with Glass Front

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